Equalities and Human Rights in the Digital Space

Digital technology and tools are an ever-growing part of our work and the services we use and provide. With the rapid developments of AI and the ever-present influence of algorithms and chatbots in day-to-day life, our new course is for anyone interested in these issues.

About this course

Delivered as a short email-based course all you need to do is sign up and you will automatically receive the six lessons – each designed to be a quick read giving you the key things you need to know and the opportunity to find out more.

The course includes

  • An introduction to equalities and human rights in the digital space
  • Practical examples of best practice and service design
  • Interactive polls
  • Links for inspiration and further reading.

Join us to:

  • Learn about a person-centred approach to digital that prioritises people’s human rights and equality: the what, why and how.
  • Think about the challenges you might face in your work.
  • Learn about how this approach better meets the needs of marginalised people and communities.
  • Find out about key equality and human rights concepts, and how to apply them to your work.

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