Resource: Funding and fundraising

Our new free guide is for anyone who wants to learn more about applying a human rights and equalities first approach to funding and fundraising.

Based on our Funding and Fundraising course, this resource will provide you with the tools you need to integrate human rights and equalities into fundraising practice and strategy.

It covers:
•    What is a human rights and equalities first approach and why is it relevant to funding and fundraising?
•    Integrating human rights and equalities into your fundraising activities
•    How to demonstrate your human rights and equalities practices to funders and grant makers.

“Fundraising is an essential core activity for charities, voluntary organisations and community groups in Scotland. Without a steady flow of income, organisations cannot achieve their mission and make a difference for their cause.”

“Fundraisers play a vital role and can be a great catalyst for positive change.”

“There are lots of ways in which a human rights and equalities first approach can be applied to funding and fundraising. Voluntary organisations that can demonstrate active promotion of Human Rights and Equalities principles are likely to be much more successful in attracting funding to support their mission.”

“Funders are increasingly assessing how applicants demonstrate human rights and equalities values within their work and major funders are looking at how to support human rights-based work in more meaningful ways.”

Download these resources over on our Funding and Fundraising resource page.