Climate Change

Environmental rights are human rights. Climate change is undoubtedly having an impact on the communities we work with and support from it’s impacts on food production and water supplies to rising sea levels and increased volatility in weather systems.

THRE is producing information to support you in understanding the impacts that climate change is having on the people you work with and support. Check below to see what we have on offer at the moment and watch this space for further updates in future.

THRE ran an event in September 2023 that focussed on the intersection of climate change and human rights and what this meant for third sector organisations. You can find a blog summarising the event here.

We had inputs from a range of expert guest speakers with their recorded presentations available watch on YouTube.

  • The Right to a Healthy Environment – ERCS
  • How are Ethnic Minority Groups Affected by Climate Change? – EMEN
  • Community Climate Adaptation Roadmap – Sniffer

(Link to the YouTube playlist)

The illustration shows construction workers completing a picture of Scotland - building and painting its outline.

THRE Guide: The Right to a Healthy Environment

The Scottish Government are introducing the Right to a Healthy Environment, under the new Scottish Human Rights Bill. This follows the General Assembly of the United Nations passing a resolution declaring that everyone has the right to a healthy environment in July of 2022.

This right will give the third sector new opportunities to support and advocate for their communities, and so it is crucial that we understand what this includes.

We have put together a THRE guide on this right and what it means in practice for the Third Sector. Download below.