PANEL Principles

The PANEL principles can be used to help you and your organisation take a human rights and equalities first approach to your decision making and organisational development.

The PANEL principles are a method for applying human rights and equalities approaches in practice.

Our PANEL materials can help you answer the question of ‘how?’ when it comes to human rights and equalities – how can we use these principles in our practice and day-to-day activities?

Our workshops and resources provide a guide to how third sector organisations can use PANEL to embed human rights and equalities into their everyday work.

THRE Resources

Our resource is a quick guide to what PANEL is, why it should be used, and some tips on applying PANEL in an organisational context.

Download as a PDF or a Word document below.  If you would like an alternative format please contact us by email or call 0141 332 2444.

Upcoming courses

Workshop: Applying a Human Rights and Equalities First Approach

This course is all about applying a human rights and equalities first approach using the PANEL principles and is an ideal next step after attending our Basics course.

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