Animation: What is a HRE First approach?

We’ve launched a new animation encouraging Scotland’s Third Sector to take a human rights and equalities first approach to their work and organisational development.

When we set THRE up many organisations told us that they wanted to do more than just have an equalities policy that might be reviewed every few years or occasionally referred to, they wanted an approach that made human rights and equalities a central part of who they are as an organisation.  

In response, we’ve been supporting organisations to take a human rights and equalities first approach in all areas of their organisational development and their delivery of services – offering a range of free courses, resources and events. 

We’ve already reached over 250 organisations with our work and believe this approach is for every organisation, no matter how big or small.  

 We hope people are inspired by our new animation to help spread the word and let Scotland’s third sector know we are here to help.  

THRE worked with Media Coop to create our new animation. 

What is a Human Rights and Equalities First approach?